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  1. James Valiquette says:

    My name is James Valiquette, I have used Kevin for 3 months. Loved what he has done for my weight loss. With him and my diet, I have lost 130lbs. Thanks Kevin

  2. Johnny Christy says:

    I’ve been training with Kev for about 2 months now, and with the training combined with his diet, I went from 9.5% bodyfat 185lbs to a lean 7.8% bodyfat 168lbs , and I’ve been building muscle like crazy. There’s just no better option if you want to get that summer six-pack and look great! Thanks Kev

  3. Randall Franco says:

    I’ve been working with kevin for the past few months and I have really seen results. Coming from a powerlifting background I had a lot of mass but no definition. Kevin really motivates you and has a great eye for seeing what your lacking in and molding the body. He’s the best trainer around.

  4. Debbie W says:

    I have been training with Kevin for the last 4 months. I was intimidated at first but right away he made me feel very comfortable. Results started showing so fast. Compared to all the other trainers in the area his rates by far are the cheapest. Thanks Kevin and I look forward to having my butt kicked on Friday… lol

  5. lisa emery says:

    I have been working with Kevin for 6 months. along with his help with diet and working out I have see a change in my tennis game and lost some body fat. good muscle definition and body changes noted. He is a great motivator. thanks Kevin.

  6. Mike Almeida says:

    I have worked out with Kevin for over a year. He is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness. He knows and understands how to build a diet and workout plan that is tailored to an individual’s goals. Workouts are inclusive of muscular endurance and strength. Sessions are varied from week-to-week, causing muscle confusion and ultimately growth. Kevin loves being in the gym helping others achieve their goals; he is passionate and committed.

  7. Jay-Lynn says:

    I have watched you over the years become one of the finest trainers around. Not only do you educate and train your clients but you also inspire them. Thank you for never letting me give up and quit. You are the best. Just wanted to say good luck in the Cutler Classic..

  8. Antonio maldonado says:

    hi, my name is antonnio i am 13 years old i have been working with kevin pianka for 3 months already people have remarked about how good i look lol, and my muscles are unbeleivable he shows me all of the right things to do and work with so i dont get hurt he is terrific i would recomend him to anyone.

  9. sheila brown says:

    great job kevin….for the few weeks i’ve been w/you..i’ve seen a improvement..thanks for doing what u do best….motivate,push, and push some more

  10. Janet Williams says:

    Kevin has been my personal trainer for the past six months. In a short amount of time, I increased my strength and noticed results immediately. I have more defined arm muscles and am much more physically strong. It also has boosted my confidence. I train with Kevin three times weekly. Each time he gives me advice and helps me with making better choices around my food intake. I highly recommend Kevin. He cares a lot about his clients and pushes us all to do and be out best.

  11. Nancy R. says:

    Kevin is the real deal and everything you would want in a trainer! He is super professional, prepared, punctual and very supportive. You never repeat the same workout twice with Kevin and rest assured, you will never be bored. Kevin’s commitment to his clients does not end when the session is over. He is very generous with his time and is available to help with planning meals and educating his clients about food choices and eating well. I would encourage anyone who is looking to lose weight, build muscle, improve endurance and overall health to meet with Kevin and to learn firsthand about his commitment to nutrition and fitness. Rates are extremely affordable and scheduling appointments is easy based on Kevin’s flexibility.

    Thank you, Kevin, for your commitment to Excellence.

  12. Danielle D. says:

    My son wanted to do boxing training during the football off-season this year, so his father found out about Kevin. He started training about a month ago. I took him in just to sit and watch, but not with Kevin in the room. He got me moving day 1, and I haven’t been able to stop since. I can say, from the first day we walked in, you can tell he is the real deal. Kevin is more than knowledgeable in nutrition and overall fitness. He motivates and encourages you to meet whatever goals you may have. Every work-out is different, he definitely keeps you on your toes. The gym is small in size (which I prefer) – but has everything you would need for a full body work-out. Its clean and the staff is very friendly. I have only just begun my journey, but already have dropped almost two pant sizes. I actually look forward to working out (said no one ever) but I do!! And it’s all because of Kevin. Not to mention, all of the food advice that he gives. He helps with protein shake recipes and will answer your food questions day or night. His rates are very affordable and has a really flexible schedule. He makes fitness fit your life, and that’s what most of us need!! I would recommend Kevin to anyone, young or old, that wants to make a difference in their life.

  13. Susan R says:

    I have been wanting to lose weight for a several years. I needed to work out with someone who is knowledgeable and professional. Taking that first step to start working out with Kevin was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. He is a great cheerleader and motivator. I look forward to going to the gym and working out with Kevin. He has given me meal suggestions and ideas for protein shakes. I feel that my weight loss goals are attainable now that I am working with Kevin. I would recommend him to anyone of any age. Please give him a call.

  14. mike roche says:

    This guy is the best: a total professional, very knowledgeable. He is also very flexible. I am already seeing a big difference the weight is coming off, more importantly I am feeling stronger with more energy. His pricing cant be beat. Great bang for the buck. The gym is perfect for training geared for the one to one attention that assures results. Could not be more satisfied

  15. ron patenaude says:

    I am a 57 year old chimney sweep business owner. One day I had met Kevin in the bricklayers union and started joking about his phenominal bodybuilding physique and had not seen Kevin for 12 years after that, ran into him through a friend and found out this was the guy I ran into 12 years prior. He has been personal training me since that meeting. I have gone from 205 pounds down to 182 pounds in 2 and a half months. Dropped 3 and a half percent body fat, put on 9 pounds of muscle, and continue to make phenominel gains. Kevin is an excellent personal trainer and diet consultant. I just wanted the people of the state of rhode island if they are looking for a personal trainer, he is the elite trainer that brought me where no other trainer could and I am still making phenomenal gains. You can go to my website my site ronschimneysweerpri.com and my number is posted there, just to tell you how positive this experience has been. Just try this experience with Kevin and you will be the most satisfied client and experience the phenomenal gains like I have. My son is 16 years old he went from 228 pounds to 196 in 6 weeks, he is also doing also on a diet Kevin gave him. I have a 56 year old sister that is extremely over weight and started the same diet from Kevin and has lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and continues to loose. Kevin has transformed our lives to bring us all to a positive dream…www.ronschimneysweepri.com

  16. Robert C. says:

    Started training with Kevin 3 weeks ago. The solid advise
    on my diet and the intense 45 minute training session, showed marked improvement. I appreciate the professional approach and would highly recommend Kevin. Keep up the good work…
    Robert C.

  17. Ward Harrison says:

    As an RN I appreciate Kevin’s no nonsense approach to nutrition and fitness. Kevin is motivating and enthusiastic about training. I have lost over 16 lbs in just 3 months!

    Some trainers push you to your limits and make you dread going for a session. Kevin’s workouts are challenging but fun and he will never push you further then you want to go! Thanks for your help Kevin!

  18. Karen Amaral says:

    I started training a couple of weeks ago with Kevin, He is one hell of a trainer. He takes the time to show you over and over how he wants something done to get the results you need. He cares so much about helping you acheive your goals.He will work with you any day of the week and at any time of the day. Who can’t fit those hours into their life to get fit?just saying!

  19. Doreen Vittorio says:

    I’ve been working with Kevin for 6months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Kevin is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have lost weight, have incredible energy and my balance & flexibility have improved immensely.If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Kevin will lead you every step of the way.

    Thank you Kevin, for all the positive reinforcement.

    – Doreen V.

  20. Russell Cucino says:

    I started working with Kevin the middle of September / 2014 . I had beaten this body through out the years playing sports & manual labor in general, not to mention bad eating habits… Goal is to lose atleast 50 lbs. set an initial goal of 25lbs by my birthday in November. Day before my birthday I had lost 25lbs!!!!! He constantly changes up routines & keeps you on track to reaching your goals physically & mentally.Its hard work, I know the weight wasn’t put on in 20 minutes & it doesn’t come off in 20 minutes either. Kevin has showed me new ideas on dieting that is still feasible in the fast paced world we live in. His positive attitude really makes it easy to focus on the task at hand,not just losing weight but a healthier lifestyle in general.Thank You for everything Kev!!! Now lets get back at it…….

  21. Paul says:

    Today is November 28th. Kevin started training me the last week of October. Since then, I not only lost over 10lbs., I gained muscle, feel better about myself and feel a tremendous change in my clothes. I consider myself a novice weightlifter. After meeting Kevin, I felt as though I went from a novice to an intermediate in such a quick time. Kevin’s nutritional advice is something you must adhere to if you want quick results. I am thankful for meeting Kevin and even so with his all around professional expertise in regards to training and dieting. I can go on and on. Its a life change that is for the better. I suggest to anymore to at least have a consultation, because once you do, you will experience the motivation and dedication Kevin puts in to hos work. At this point, I consider Kevin a trainer, and more importantly, I gained a new friend.

    Kevin will lead you to water, but it is up to you to taste and drink it!!!!

  22. jackie m says:

    not even sure where to start…my journey has only been about 3 weeks with Kevin but already i’m excited about my progress. i came to him for nutrition advice (i am an avid CrossFitter) … baby steps at first, got me on an eating schedule, then really started to dig into what i am eating…the kicker for me, he never knocked my fitness style AND i’ve seen results in a few weeks…today i’m at a weight that i have not seen since 2010…and i’m not training to be “skinny”…i’m training to be fit, healthy & be able to lift freakishly huge amounts of weight…thank you Kevin, i can’t wait to see what the future holds…

  23. jackie m says:

    when i started a few months back with Kevin i was fit, at 167 pounds…i’m stayed VERY dedicated and am down to 154 pounds…i lift heavy, work out a LOT and eat what he tells me…which, mind you, is absolutey DO-ABLE…trust the process….

    thank you Kevin 🙂

  24. Josh D. says:

    I have only been going to Kevin for a little over 2 weeks and have lost 13 pounds already. He pushes you to limits you thought you could not reach. He will work with you on every aspect of what you want to achieve, no matter if you work 15 hour days and think you don’t have time to change up your routine. Kevin is the most knowledgeable person when it comes to the fitness world I have come across. I am living proof. “Don’t let your past decided your future” looking foward to seeing the results over the next couple months. Thanks Kev

  25. Jen F says:

    I couldn’t agree more with all of the positive testimonials here. It’s been just about a month training with Kevin and, as someone who hasn’t stuck with any diet / workout program, I am a true believer! His passion transfers to me with every session and he keeps things interesting and “ups the ante” every time. Kevin has a really great approach to weight loss and nutrition. He’s not pushy or demeaning – he stays in tune with everyone’s workout (even when he has 3 or 4 individuals working at different paces and with individual goals). He can modify your workout on the fly as needed and has a knack for paying attention to the non-verbals too! He is a great motivator and 45 minute sessions seem like 20 minutes has gone by. I look forward to the variety and not knowing what the day’s workout will consist of. He keeps you focused and is most concerned with your form and getting it right than the number of repetitions you do. Anyone looking to get in shape needs to enlist the help of Kevin. You will not be disappointed. I’m hooked! Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help me, Kevin. Can’t wait to see how much change we make in the next 4 weeks.

  26. Gabriela says:

    I have been coming to Kevin for 3 months and I am very happy with my results. His gym is a comfortable place to work out, and very convenient to get to. A big help for me was following his meal plans, he also modifies them to fit what you like. I have been trying to lose weight for so long and with Kevin I finally got the results I wanted!

  27. Susan Sullivan says:

    I started working out with Kevin 5 months ago. Today I hit the Big 5-0. That’s 50 pounds lost. I can’t believe these results.

    Joining the KP Body Reconstruction gym earlier this year was a life saver. I immediately felt comfortable with the gym and Kevin when I went in for a consult–I joined that night. Due to medical issues, I only started at 30 mins, once a week. When I re-upped for each additional month, the duration increased until I now go 3 times a week at 45-1 hour sessions. During each visit, Kevin is there to oversee my workouts, making sure I am doing the exercises correctly-even now after all this time. He will also change the posted routines as needed for me. He encourages me on my bad days/weeks and shares my joy on my great days/weeks.

    Thank you, Kevin, for all your help. It is so appreciated.

  28. Janet Rebele says:

    My husband Billy and I were members at a local health club and we were not getting motivated nor did we see any results. Billy got on the computer and searched til he found Kevin’s ad for personal training. He immediately contacted Kevin and got started right away in December of 2015. Billy mentioned to Kevin that I was considering coming but I was hesitant and felt intimidated. But I got the courage and got over there and met with Kevin and off I went. I came to Kevin with weight issues and most of all I have RA and I am a diabetic. I wear and insulin pump to control my levels. Kevin never had doubts that I could do the work that he gave me and he always kept the considerations of my health issues but never let me get away with not getting the work done. I joined in January of 2016 and since then I have no intimidation walking into the gym and working out with others but most importantly just last week July 2016 my Endocrinologist was so pleased with my latest A1c numbers that he took me off the pump after almost 6 years of having that attached to my body…of course I still do injections but my levels are in such control that my shots are minimal.. I work as hard as I can at the gym but without Kevin believing in me and knowing I could do this is GREAT…Kevin thank you for all your inspiration and making my workouts fun and always different….Billy and I enjoy all our visits to the gym and we love all our workout buddies…….Thanks Kevin….XO Janet Rebele

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