Rules That Should Be Followed Daily

1. Always eat breakfast unless you plan on working out within 30-45 minutes upon waking up. Cardio should be done on an empty stomach in order to burn fat.

2. Cardio duration should be done for at least 30 min. (No Exceptions)

3. After breakfast you should eat every 3 hours until you go to sleep.

(No Snacking)

4. Drink at least 112to 1 gallon of water daily. This will also help you feel full between meals, keep you hydrated and is key to fat loss.

5. At every meal always choose a protein first. (No Exceptions)
Then choose a carbohydrate, vegetable or a good fat as a side.

6. Never have a carbohydrate by itself. t Ex. Oatmealfor breakfast)

7. Veggies are a great side dish to keep you full because of the low calorie count.

8. Your last 2 meals of the day should have no carbohydrates.


Protein* Carbs. Good Fats
* Chicken

* Fish

* Lean Hamburger (97/3)

* Tuna

* Eggs

Whey Protein Powder (shakes)

*Turkey Bacon

Skim or fat free milk

* Turkey Burger

* Lean Steak

Cottage Cheese



*Men Protein portions 6-8 ounces
*Women Protein portions 3-5 ounces
Brown Rice

Ezekiel bread (whole foods)

Sweet Potato



Nuts (1 ounce)

  • Almonds
  • Cashews

Olive oil (2 tblsp)

Peanut Butter (2 tblsp)


(2 – 4 Cups)


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